System of structural facades

A completely glazed, uniform building body is a wish of more and more customers. Among the architectural solutions, the effect of an even glass surface without visible fixings on the outside of the building is provided by a structural facade.

The structural facade system is characterised by the combination of individual glass elements with only narrow silicone joints. Therefore, the basic factor determining the durability of the structure is the use of a special silicone adhesive, which must be resistant to many load factors (e.g. UV radiation, weather conditions) and have excellent adhesion to the substrate used.

The system offers insulating glazing. Moreover, it is a solution used for building facades as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. At the customer’s request, openable elements can be used, which perfectly match the all-glass facade, giving the impression of a coherent whole.

Lower implementation costs ensure simple, quick and economic installation on site.

Structural facades offer high functionality, durability and a delicate appearance.

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